Kingfisher birdWho Are We?

Halcyon Realty Group is a brokerage that is both consumer and agent-friendly. We strive to be as value-oriented as possible for clients and as profitable, supportive, and inspiring as possible for agents. The culture of the company can be described as business casual utilizing technology to bring together our individual home offices into a “virtual office atmosphere”.

Our professionals have hearts desiring to help people achieve their goals, to advise and to educate on real estate matters; business minds to perform analysis, research, negotiate, and strategize; and creative instincts to innovate, problem solve, and showcase properties as well as themselves in the best possible light.  Hence, our “Smart with Heart” tag line.


blue pottery bowls one lone red one_640Why Are We Unique?

As you may notice from our website, we are proud to offer a consultative approach to our clients versus hard sales tactics or a “ME-ME-ME” focus. Everything we do is focused on the client and their experience with us.

Recognizing that our clients, their properties, and their wants/needs are not a one size fits all, we offer choices that meet those unique criteria. The client can now choose how much service they want and what they want along with our guidance and advice on what may be the best plan for their situation.

In addition to being a consumer-centric solution, our new FlatFeeChoices™ service offering has much less risk, cost, and loss to the agent than the traditional contingent on sale commission plan. This is another big reason why it was created. Working for free is a costly endeavor for agents. We offer mutually beneficial choices to consumers and agents to mitigate the inherent risk involved for the agent and the broker in commission-based only business models.


Beautiful Asian Chinese Woman Using Tablet ComputerWho Is a Good Fit Here?

If you can answer “YES” to these six questions, we invite you to read on further. If you can’t say “YES” to these questions, this will probably not be a good fit as your brokerage.

1. Are you reliable with integrity and ethics?

2. Are you able to put the best interest of your client ahead of your own interest?

3. Do you have living expenses saved and an initial budget to build your business?

4. Are you dedicated to work at this full time or near full time?

5. Do you have a current Arizona real estate salesperson or broker license, membership to ARMLS, a vehicle, a computer, internet access, and a cell phone?

6. Are you adept at technology (computers, smart phones, etc) or willing to learn, implement, and utilize technology?


Characteristics of Who Would Be Happiest Here:iStock_000016289326XSmall

  • Positive passion for this business
  • Motivated to market yourself and your value proposition
  • Ability to Listen
  • Honest, friendly, and customer oriented with consistent communication skills both verbal and written
  • Open minded about trying new business models and confidence to implement them
  • Value your own time, expertise, and knowledge
  • Disciplined, organized, and able to work independently from a home office
  • Desire to strive for excellence in your career
  • Ability to remain calm under stressful situations
  • New to the business and looking for a mentor or experienced and recognize the advantages of an alternative business model
  • Ability to seek help and ask questions, in other words…admit you don’t know then find the answer


What Would You Expect to Do Here?verbal communication engaged listening

  • Evaluate the needs and wants of consumers
  • Consult with consumers about their dreams and goals providing potential solutions to achieve them while educating them on the realities of the market, the processes, and the steps needed to fulfill objectives.
  • Gain full understanding of company’s service offerings, processes, procedures, and forms, then follow, utilize, and implement.
  • Search for properties, create plans and routes, and provide useful information to clients while showing them available inventory.
  • Master the language in, the meaning of, and write the purchase contracts, addenda, listing agreements, and other normally required and used forms for conducting transactions.
  • Gain in-depth understanding of what to look for in disclosures, title reports, insurance history, inspection reports and other transaction related documents that you will need to advise clients about.
  • Analyze data and perform detailed reviews for comparable analysis.
  • Document and follow through with client interactions and requests.
  • Create and implement a business plan including a marketing plan.
  • Add value by making improvement suggestions and possible solutions to problems.
  • Participate in brand awareness and marketing by contributing to the company blog, social media sites, and company marketing activities.
  • Develop a virtual team to support your business including third party service providers.
  • Abide by federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and standards.
  • Continually learn through training, experience, reading, mentoring, classroom, and self-improvement.


Why Might We Be a Good Fit as Your Brokerage?

From Your Perspective –

We subscribe to the “Sell with Soul” philosophies.  You won’t be just a number here. You will be treated as a respected professional who is backed, supported, and appreciated.

This broker is willing and able to assist you in your career path, your business growth, and is also supportive and available for the detailed questions when you need help the most.

You have the opportunity to get paid in a fee for service manner which means not working for free.

Competitive compensation plans.

Consumer- friendly company website with agent specific webpage.

Technology training to implement your virtual home office and paperless processes.

Marketing training to help you grow your business.

This smaller company can be nimble in its ability to offer creative solutions.


From Our Perspective –

We want the right “Smart with Heart” people to help us provide our solutions to more clients.

We have unique, valuable, and mutually beneficial solutions for agents and consumers and we want to share it and grow it.

A brokerage is only as good as its agents.  We prefer to be selective and have a good fit for both the agent and the brokerage versus growing for the sake of growing.


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Why Might We NOT Be a Fit as Your Brokerage?

We don’t plan to offer property management solutions. If this is a desire of yours, you will probably want to look for a brokerage that currently offers this or wants to expand into it.

If you have a desire for a brick and mortar physical office to go to everyday, we don’t plan to expand to this anytime soon.

If you entered this profession thinking it would be a good way to make a quick buck or want to maybe sell a house or two a year, this will not be a good fit.

If you don’t see the value of offering service choices to the consumer, this will not be a good fit.

We hire real estate professionals as independent contractors, so if you are looking to be hired as a full time employee paid hourly or salaried with benefits, this will not be a good fit.


When is this Brokerage Hiring?

We are hiring now.  Call or email for a confidential meeting to discuss your opportunities here.


Where Do We Work?Businesswoman working on digital tablet

We are a virtual real estate office.  Initial training with the broker will be done face to face and then move to phone calls, video calls, chats, email, etc.  Company meetings will be held virtually through video or conference calls.  We meet with clients where it is convenient to meet.  This may be at their homes, near a starting point for showings, at a place of business like a coffee shop or title company, and/or through phones, computers, video, chat or text.


How Much Does This Brokerage Charge and What Do I Get?

There are choices on compensation plans and what is included.  The broker will review these details with you during an initial consultation.

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