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Announcing the new!

This has been a true labor of love.  Much planning, thought, creativity, time, and effort went into making a truly custom real estate website.

You are invited to click around and experience the information.  We offer innovative buyer and seller service options, a state-of-the-art Property and Lifestyle search tool, and an ever-evolving amount of real estate related material. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.


The process to get this website completed had some parallels to completing a home buying or home selling transaction.


As our past clients know, there was a decent enough website for Halcyon Realty Group prior to this one. It was built on a template.  But to present our unique services the way we wanted and in a way that was easy to digest, the template website was not accommodating for our purpose.  Similar to a family outgrowing their home or yearning for a custom home versus a typical tract home.

After researching platforms, it was decided that WordPress would be used.  As a newbie to WordPress, it was initially fun to learn something new, but my unfamiliarity with it quickly made me want to pull my hair out.  This was foreign territory to me.  I’m not a website designer.

Hong-kong China 59It is like traveling abroad and your adrenaline is pumping and you are experiencing new information and have so much you want to do, but at the same time, because you don’t speak the language, you feel a giant level of frustration and overwhelm. Trying to do this on my own was like that.  At first, I tried utilizing help from online sources and reading books to teach myself.  Then after struggling with it for a period of time, I realized I needed to get help from a professional.


The great thing is that I had choices – either hire the entire project out, work on it myself, or hire out parts of it.  These are the same choices you now have with our real estate services.


I did some research and found a web designer who was a good fit for me.  I admired the work she had done for her past clients and her love of art was a shared passion of mine.  Her name is Chris Rosepapa with Rosepapa Creative.  She utilizes a consulting process similar to what we do at Halcyon Realty Group.  Her process begins with a form similar to our Needs Analysis.  It asked a lot of questions about what my goals were, what my experience was, and how much or how little work I wanted done.  She had a phone consultation with me and provided me a quote.  I paid a retainer fee.  And we started the journey together on this project with payments made as milestones were completed.  Chris helped turn my vision into reality.  She met and exceeded my expectations.  I could not have done it without her help.  This is what involving a true professional is all about.

I’m sharing all of this because going through the process of buying or selling your home can be a similar experience.  Exciting and uncomfortable at the same time. You make many choices during these processes.  And you may want some trusted guidance as you charter unfamiliar territory.


At Halcyon Realty Group, we work with you to design your real estate experience. We don’t dictate a one-size-fits-all level of service.  We want to help turn your real estate vision into reality.


Please enjoy the new website!

Until next time…Live, Love, Learn, and Matter.

Stacy Erickson

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