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You’ve listed your home for sale.  There is a nice for sale sign in the yard.  You are motivated to sell.  A potential buyer calls your agent and then… there is no showing.

What’s the problem?  There isn’t one.

It’s called Pre-screening yard sign calls.  And it’s done in the Seller’s best interest.

It might go something like this…Your real estate company receives a call.

Halcyon Realty Group Yard Sign“Halcyon Realty Group, this is Stacy, how may I help you?”

“Hi. How much is the house you have listed at 123 Navarro?”

“Thank you for your interest.  The home at 123 Navarro Circle is listed for $330,000. Is this in the price range you were looking?”

“Oh, that price is negotiable, right? I want to see it first.”

“All offers would be presented to the Seller. We could arrange for a showing. May I ask you a few questions first?”

“I suppose.”

“Great. Could I get your name?”

“Why do you need that?”

“I’d like to know who I am speaking with.”

“You don’t need to know my name. I just want to see the house.”

“Before we arrange a showing, we would like to know a little more information. Our job is to represent our seller and part of our job is to show their home to pre-qualified buyers only. Are you looking for yourself? ”

“I’m looking for a friend. Why are you asking so many questions? You are making this too difficult!”


Asking for the name of a stranger to let into the house of someone that I have committed to protect is being too difficult?

Announcing that I represent the Seller and need to know pre-qualification status is being difficult?

Does anyone let unnamed strangers into their home without understanding more about them other than they want to look around their house?  I haven’t met anyone that does.  I’m not sure why it suddenly becomes expected by some yard sign callers that this would be ok.

Part of Our Process

There was no showing scheduled from that call or calls that are similar to it.  Pre-screening yard sign calls is part of our process at Halcyon Realty Group.  We review this process with all of our sellers during the listing presentation to ensure they understand why we do it.  Our sellers greatly appreciate it.  Pre-screening calls does not reflect negatively on the seller or the property.  Nor does it impede the marketing or selling process.

Why?  Protect interests, safety, and time

What pre-screening does is protect our sellers and their property, the safety of our agents, and saves time for both.  Phoenix has almost 5 million people.  This isn’t a small town.  We can be polite, respectful, and provide honest information just like people in many small towns do with each other.  But, we can’t and don’t know all of each other in a large city.  Many of our sellers take great pride in their homes and clean every inch prior to showings or at the very least tidy things up.  They like knowing that their time spent on this activity is for showings with serious, pre-qualified buyers only.

Asking a few questions prior to meeting with a stranger is being responsible not difficult.

Pre-qualified buyers do not consider the questions a hassle.  People who are truly interested, qualified, and serious about buying a home will not find offense to answering some basic questions or even providing proof of funds or a loan pre-qualification letter prior to showings.  If more sellers demanded to see proof of pre-qualification, then it would become common practice.

To Buyers calling on yard signs, please understand why the agent or broker answering the phone is asking you for information.  They are doing their job.

Until next time…Live, Love, Learn, and Matter.

Stacy Erickson

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