Choices in Service.

• Clearly defined real estate service plans based on what you want and need from your real estate professional.
• Pre-packaged service plans OR Custom service plans tailor-made for your situation.


Choices in Payment.

• A fee-for-service type plan where payments are made at specific “milestones” of the process.

We call these our Flatfeechoices™.

These service offerings are NOT based on the purchase price.  The details of your payment choices are reviewed with you during your initial consultation. For an example, see How It Works. This payment method will often save you money. For an example, see Show Me the Savings.

• The traditional method where a commission is paid based on sales price at close of escrow.  Please understand that you pay a premium for this method of payment.


And we provide a Triple Guarantee on all services.

What’s the Next Step? Navigating Your Seller Choices


get-started-seller-analysisComplete this questionnaire to help us advise which of our services best fit your situation.